I’m Sydney,

I’m a lover of fashion, I have been since can remember. I always used to clip top, bottoms, shoes, etc. I liked from magazines and create outfits. Then I started working at Wet Seal where my love of fashion grew even more. I’d loved reworking the sales floor, and dressing the manqués. So I decided to follow my passion for fashion by attending Vincennes Unversity to study fashion merchandising. There I gained a lot more knowledge about the fashion world. We went to Chicago and got a first hand look were fashion could take us. Then I got the opportunity of a life time to go to the NYC, there my love grew even more when I  helped style a model for a photo shoot! I continued my education, and when I finished, I worked really hard to prove myself. My hard work paid of when got a full-time job at Macy’s as a merchandise lead. I’m still there working hard to continue my fashion journey. I haven’t reached my job sucess goals yet but I started this blog to help me reach those goals. With this blog I hope you find it inspiring, helpful. And hope gain lots of follows!

Thanks to all those who helped me come this far!


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