Take me to the jungle

In case you haven’t noticed Tropical prints are everywhere. And I don’t know about you but every time I see them it’s make want go somewhere warm and beachy. So here’s some ideas on how you can rock the tropical look.

Kept cool and casual with a cute top:

(kept it trendy with a volume sleeve)

Take comfort to a whole new level with a cute soft pant:

Great for work.(below)

Or even a short.

A simple go to summer look.

Get flirty with a great skirt:

Great look from work to play

Perfect look for a spring/summer wedding or date night.

Go all out in a super fun dress:

Again great for a wedding or night out.

Or how about a cute romper?

Now how about those accessories? I got you covered, ladies!

Rock it on your shoes:


Or even a backpack

And what about those swimsuits?

Great for whatever style you like.

Didn’t I tell you tropical prints are everywhere. So you better hurry up and grab your cute (I wish I was on vacay look, lol) How you will wear yours? Share it on our Facebook page Stylish Sydney Blog, or instagram @stylishsydney


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