Belt it up

A belt is a great accessory to add a stylish statement to any outfit. Wear it with a dress or ever a coat. Here’s some ideas on how to wear it.

A narrow belt:

Add a narrow belt to a sweater dress to give that extra wow.

This dress and a scarf with a belt look is super stylish.

A wide belt:

I love the belted maxi, it’s dressy, it’s chic, it’s casual, it’s my all around favorite look.

The ruffled blouse with a belted skirt is super cute. A great look for work but also great for everyday.

The little black dress is just a great staple piece with a added twist.

A belted coat:

The belted coat look is super chic, it’s gives the coat some attitude. I love the bold colored coat with a great statement necklace , it’s screams style.

The plaid print is great everyday coat with flair.

The last one is a great look for any business women.

What do think of this belted looks?

How would you rock it?


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