MIDI Skirt style

MIDI Skirts are a very hot trend for this spring and summer. They are cute and stylish. Plus what a great piece to add to your spring/summer wardrobe!! Here’s a couple ways to wear them.

Add a fun spring colored midi skirt with your simple fall plaid shirt, for a easy transition into spring.

Or try a fun floral print (also a hot trend if you haven’t read “Trends I’m loving for Spring 2016”) pair it with your simple white tee, for a more casual look. (Stay tuned for a how to rework your white tee)

How about this fun abstract print? Pair it with your favorite Demin shirt, for a very stylish way to transition into spring.

Dress it up with a pleated midi skirt. Try pairing with a classic tee, add a great statement necklace, and finally add a cute printed clutch to finsh the look.

Kept it classic with a high-waisted black midi skirt. Pair it with a cute white crop top, and add a great statement necklace, cute heels, and a fun colored clutch to kept simply stylish.

What do you think about this trend? How would you wear it?


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