Outfit of the day

So I have my self as our outfit winner! If you don’t already, Please follow me on Twitter, Instagram and like StylishSydneyblog on Facebook!

What’s in this look:

A Beige tunic, flannel navy and beige patterned scarf, dark wash skinny jeans, and some super cute brown booties.

The breakdown:

 Beige tunic: $15.00 from Ella Maes

Flannel scarf: $16.00 also from Ella Maes.

(Side note: Ella Maes is a local boutique in Brownsburg, In. I highly suggest visiting their store, they have lots of super cute clothes, shoes, and much more to choose from. Their reasonable priced too! You can also find them on Facebook and though their website http://www.ellamaes.com)

Dark wash skinny jeans: $40.00 from Kohls.

Brown booties: $60.00 from DSW

Why I love this look:

This look is simply stylish, it’s great for everyday.It’s so casually cute! I also love that can I wear these pieces with multiple different things. So with a total of $131, this look might still be a little pricey but like I said because I can wear each piece multiple times I’ll get all the bang for my buck!

(Another side note: A great app I use to look at all my outfits, and see how much my cost per wear is; is called My Closet. It’s free in the App Store! I feel it’s important to only buy clothes your going to get most use out off. That way you’ll get your money’s worth.)

What do you think of this look?

What awesome pieces will you find at Ella Maes?


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