Bring your boyfriend jeans back.

“The boyfriend jean” is back! The look became popular when women wanted to work men’s garments in their style while still being feminine. So here’s some different looks to recreate.

Kept it casual:

With a sweater and tennis shoes you can kept your look casual. Add a flannel to give it a preppy look.

Casual and Dressy:

Add a blouse, then pair with a fun scarf and some flats to dress your casual look up alittle.

Rock a blazer:

Pair them with a blazer and heels for a super chic and stylish look.

Kept it classic:

Wear a classic long coat, white tee and add a chic pair of heels for classic look.

Pair it with a vest:

Get stylishly creative by pairing them with a vest.

Feminine twist:

By adding a pastel blouse or a laced top and great accessories you can give your look a great fun feminine look. While being stylish too.

I found all these looks on Pinterest and from

How do you wear your boyfriend jeans? What’s your favorite look?


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