Outfit of the day (ugly holiday sweater edition)

“The ugly holiday sweater” used to be something you saw your grandma or grant grandma wear. Sometimes you were one of those oh so lucky people who got one made for you and then given to you as a gift. (Oh boy! Just what I wanted a hideous holiday sweater!) But times have changed, and that “ugly holiday sweater” has become trendy during the holiday season. With millions of “ugly sweater party” invites, many stores and designers are now saleing “ugly sweaters”. Now there some sweaters that are actually kinda cute, some DIY sweaters, and finally some genuinely hideous sweaters. I asked people to share their “ugly sweater” pictures and that you did! Here are just a few of my favorites pictures:

“The ugly sweater” isn’t just for those of us who celebrate Christmas. Hanukkah may be over but these ladies certainly won the holiday with these sweaters!

All these lovely ladies with also be winning Christmas with these “ugly sweaters”!

With Christmas this week I hope to see a lot more pictures! Thanks to everyone for letting me share there photos!


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