Outfit of the day



Congrats to our outfit of day winner! Found via Instagram. Her name is Cutenlittle, she’s a fellow fashion blogger and mom of two. 

What’s she’s wearing:

 A red sweater dress, that oh so trendy blacket scarf, some fabulous knee high boots, a leopard print clutch and some simple gold jewelry.

Why I love this look:  

This look works in some many different ways. Whether it’s a lunch with friends, casual date night, a holiday party, or simply just shopping. Everyone should own a great sweater dress! You can wear it simply be its self or choose some great accessories like she did. The popular and very versatile blacket scarf goes great with this look. (Stay tuned to a how to wear a blacket scarf post) And the pattern play of the plaid scarf and leopard print bag makes this fun and trendy! (When playing with patterns you need kept simple) 

Love her look? What to be featured just post your pic to your favorite social media page, use #outfitofday and tag me.


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