Outfit of the day (Halloween Edition)

I think having great style is not only about what you wear or how you wear it. It’s also has to do with how creative you are. Well Halloween is a great time to see just how creative some people are. I love Halloween, I think most people enjoy dressing up. So in this special edition of Outfit of the day I will share some of my favorites costumes I saw yesterday.

The Jewel Thief:

Chef from South Park:

Dr. Ellie Sattler from Jurassic Park:

The Hulk Hogans:

Forest Gump and Jenny:

I think what I love about these custume ideas is for the most part their simple. These people probably had these pieces in their wardrobe and thought to themselves “Hey I can made this into a Halloween custume” There all easy but also very creative. Normally I only have one winner for Outfit of the day but today all of these people won!

What was your favorite Haloween custume?


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