Alternative’s to jean’s and brown boots.

Recently I asked you what you wanted to see me talk about. And someone wanted to see alternative looks to the basic everyday jean and brown boots look. I know alot of us are guilty of wearing this probably a little to much. So I did a couple searches and here’s some alternative’s I found. 

Black Jeans or pants:

In this look you can see she’s wearing black pants or leggings with a pair a black combat boots (a big trend that I see) I think why people love this trend so much is because it’s a great everyday casual look.

Or like in this look you could wear black pants with a great pair of flats. Luckily this fall weather is still nice enough for this look. I think this is a great way to kind of dress up your look but still be comfortable.

Here’s another idea that I personaly wear a lot too. Black jeans or pants with converse. They don’t have to white. I know I love my white converse because I can wear them with so many things. But you can’t go wrong with any color.

Colored Demin:



Colored Demin is another big trend. In this look she’s wearing a olive green color demin and black riding boots. I think colored demin is a great alternative to regular demin. 
Or again you can do a colored demin with a great flat, converse, or even a pair of toms. I think people love this look because you probably already have something in your wardrobe that would look great with a pair a colored demin.

Printed legging:

The printed legging is another big trend. In this look she’s wearing a pair of black and white legging with the popular combat boot. You can also wear with any kind of boot or bootie.

Or in this look you dress things up and wear a great heel. Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t still wear your heels. You could also do a cute bootie. I think people love this because you can dress it up or down. And it’s super comfortable!

I hope this gives you some ideas of another options besides your basic demin and brown boots!

Kept suggesting ideas you have! Please follow, like, comment, and share!!


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