Outfit of the day

  Congrats to our outfit of the day winner MrsCasual!! Another random person on Instagram who used the #outfitoftheday. According to her bio she’s a teacher who loves to shop, and from what I can see she’s stylish too.

What it looks like she’s wearing:

A great flannel scarf (which I love, and want for myself. A girl can never have to many scarves.) A very simple white tee. Some gold jewelry, a rust colored bag, a pair of olive green skinny jeans (love those too, green is my color), and finally a pair rusty brown colored bootie.

What I love about this look:

It’s another example of how you can easily transition into fall. Great for when the day is still pretty warm out and then you can easily throw a jacket on for the chilly nights. I also love how simple but yet stylish this is. It’s a great everyday anywhere outfit.

Congrats again MrsCasual kept being stylish! Want to see your look featured just use #outfitoftheday and tag me.


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