The look for less

This look for less is inspired by the fabulous and stylish Sienna Miller.

What I love about this look is that it’s a great everyday fall outfit. I mean who doesn’t love a great flannel shirt and a pair booties. It’s great for a day out of for a bonefire.

The outfit breakdown:

In Sienna’s picture it looks like she’s wearing a flannel Jacket, but as you can see I chose a flannel shirt for my look. It’s actually a men’s shirt but I think it works well and you can’t really tell.

The breakdown:

Sure the outfit all together is $225 but again like the last look for less I posted, you use pieces from your own wardrobe. A good flannel shirt is a great investment, I’m sure if your like me you’ll wear it a lot this fall. I think a great skinny jean is a must, I know, I at least have three or four pairs in different washes in my closet. And if you can’t tell I love me some bootie’s they work well with so many different looks.


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