Outfit of the day

Congrats to our Outfit of the day winner, another person randomly picked on Instagram who used the #outfitoftheday. StyledbyLizJones, in her bio it says she’s a personal stylist after checking out her picks it’s easy to see why.

What she’s wearing:

A coral dress, with a olive green Army vest, a orange necklace, a cute little cheetah print clutch, gold watch and jeweled bracelet, and finally a pair of super cute pointed toed nude colored booties.

Why I love this look:

This is another example of how you can easily transition into fall. That coral dress is great by it self, but paired with that Amry vest and booties gives that fall look. Plus a lot people wouldn’t think to pair those items together but as you can see it looks great! I also love how causal, simple and effortless it looks.

Congrats again StyledbyLizJones! Kept being stylish! Want to your look featured? Just tag and use #outfitoftheday

I would also love some feedback! Please tell me how I’m doing, what you would like to see!!


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