Outfit of the day!

Congrats to our first outfit of the day winner, my girl Amber from the ATL. 

What she’s wearing: A super cute big floppy hat, square framed shades, red heart necklace, a updated version of the classic blazer (which is a must for everyone’s wardrobe), a simple black shirt, the trendy printed pant (which is still a popular trend I personally can not pull this trend off, I feel like I look like I’m in pajamas lol, but many women like Amber can make this look good!!) and finally some red heels. 

What I love about her look is that it’s trendy, fun, and youthful. I love the way she pieced the classic blazer with the printed pant it gives it a fun ready work or just out and about look. I love when you can wear looks to different places, and when change a couple pieces it makes it a whole new look. Very stylish Amber congrats again! 

Want your look featured? Just look for me @stylishsydney on Twitter or Instagram tag me, message me, use #outfitoftheday and give a description. 


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